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The Prowler comes from the factory with the intake ingesting air from an oval plastic tube in front of the passenger door. It is designed this way to reduce engine noise. The MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2 was designed with a reusable cone filter to replace the stock air box .

With the airbox removed and the intake system installed, the engine continues to breath in air from the stock location, however, there is less restriction with the cone filter and more power produced (up to 12 horsepower - guaranteed 4 hp minimum).

  • Made with 3" smooth polished tubing.
  • Air filter is a K&N-style reusable filter with heat shield.
  • Replaces stock air box.
  • Adds up to 12 horsepower - guaranteed 4 hp minimum.
  • Includes all necessary hardware and detailed installation instructions.
  • Installs in about one hour.
  • Fits 1997-2002 Plymouth/Chrysler Prowlers.

.• Prowler Intake System 2.2
Retail Price: $249.99
March Special - $224.99

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Some MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2 Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many horsepower can I expect to add by installing the MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2?
In the past, I have been reluctant to promise specific gains, but now feel comfortable promising a guaranteed minimum of a 4 horsepower gain on a stock Prowler. However, on my personal modified Prowler I have realized gains as high as 7-12 horsepower.

2) Are there any other benefits to installing the MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2?
Many owners have seen gas mileage increases of 2-3 miles per gallon. Additionally, because the MTD Intake System 2.2 comes with a reusable K&N-style air filter, the filter does not need to be replaced, as it can be washed and recharged over and over again.

3) Will the MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2 void my factory warranty?
No single modification will void your factory warranty unless it can be proven to have directly caused a problem, and then would only void the part of the warranty that was affected. Because the MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2 simply replaces the stock air box with a less restrictive cone filter, the probability of it ever causing a problem that would not have also been caused by the stock airbox is extremely minute. Properly following the supplied detailed installation instructions should prevent any problems from occurring.

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