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Magic Touch Designs Inc
950 Jade Forest Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32828

* Important: All orders paid by personal check are held for 14 days. For faster service use money orders. You will receive a confirmation email when product is shipped.

..1) MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2 $249.99**
..2) MTD Bypass Kit $49.99**
..3) MTD Prowler Top Suspension Frame Brace $49.99**
..***C.O.D. Fee $6.00***

**Shipping and Handling:
Shipping and handling are included in the price. Average shipping is within 48 hours, but please allow up to three weeks for delivery. You will be notified by email once your order is shipped.

***Please add $6.00 per order for C.O.D. orders

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