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I purchased my 1999 Plymouth Prowler in February 2000. After passing one while driving one day, I spent a month looking for a red one and eventually found one in Louisiana on the internet. I purchased the car over the phone and then flew to the dealership the following weekend with a friend to pick it up. After picking up the car, we stopped at Mardis Gras on the way back. It was one of the most fun times I have had. Below are some details and images of my Prowler.


MTD Prowler Intake System 2.2
MTD Bypass Kit
MTD Suspension Frame Braces
Custom exhaust with flowmatched h-pipe and dual mufflers

Prowler Pro gears in the rear transmission
Stock grille painted gloss black and accented with chrome moulding
Bumpers painted gloss black with the lettering on the rear bumpers accented in red
Stock speakers replaced with MBQuart speakers in the dash, rear, and doors, disabled the stock subwoofer and added a custom speaker enclosure with a 15" woofer and 200 watt amplifier
Rear frame and suspension components polished
Wires for the tachometer routed under the steering column and the bare aluminum post covered with the same material found in the interior

Picking up my new toy

Driving home from Louisiana with my new toy

Car show with Vipers At Race Rock

Stock grille painted gloss black and accented with chrome moulding

My favorite view of the car

Custom speaker enclosure

Cool side image

Car show

Car show

Magazine advertisement

Magazine advertisement

From a local event

Orlando, Florida

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